7 Things to Watch Out for when Viewing Your First Property

Chances are, when you take that first tour of the property, you’re going to be focusing on surface level characteristics like curb appeal, number of beds and baths etc. There’s plenty more you could be watching out for if you want to make an informed decision without taking that leap of faith. Here’s everything you need to know:

Past Ownership

If there was any previous ownership to the property, ask your real estate agent Canberra all you could possibly ask. On a surface level, everything will be fixed and running smoothly but you need to know of any history of repairs, which repaired them and for any warranties that were issued out too. This way you have a pretty good idea of what exactly you’re dealing with.


Did you know that one particular clue when it comes to checking for plumbing issues is the flooring? That’s right, what you need to look for is sagging floors. In particular, you’ll notice this sagging near the bathroom if you’re looking for plumbing issues. If you happen to notice this sagging in other areas of the house, you’ll find that this is an indication of structural issues that are in need of fixing.

Fresh Paint

Fresh paint could mean one of two things- one, they really are freshening up the place and giving it a makeover in time for potential buyers to come along or two, it could be covering another renovation project or issue so if you notice anything out of place, it always helps to just ask why the work was done in the first place.

The Basement

You can also check for further issues in the basement while you’re at it. If it’s been raining as of late, head down and check for any water patches. If it’s all dry, this is a good sign! However, if it hasn’t been raining and the basement is still damp, then you’ll definitely know for sure that this house has some water issues.


There’s nothing more cumbersome than windows that tend to stick or won’t latch properly. Luckily for you, this viewing is the chance to pull and push at all the handles in the house so make sure you take the opportunity to do so.

The Garden

Does the garden have any leering trees that seem to be far too close to the property? This might prove problematic in the future since such trees can cause the gutters to get clogged, the roots could possibly cause problems in the basement and not to mention, the tree falling would pose all sorts of risks for the house or any overhead power lines.


For this aspect it’s always better to bring a professional along but what you can do is ask to see the electrical boxes. Here, you can make a small judgment on the electrical system based on how organized these boxes are. Is there exposed wiring? Does it look badly installed and set up? These are major warning signs.

These are the most important things you should watch out for when looking at a property, second to the number of rooms on offer.