End Of Lease Things To Do To Your House If You’re Planning To Move In

Have you finally decided to use the house you have been renting out for years? If so, here are a few things to do before you start living in it.


Get The Interior Styled Professionally To Suit Your Current Needs

When you bought the house you rented out, you might have seen to it that all your requirements are met by it, especially if you always had plans of living in it someday. Likewise, you may also have felt like the interior decorations that you had done before you gave the house for lease was satisfying to you but your preferences may have changed with time. Make use of an interior decorator and stylist Sydney to style your home exactly the way you want.

See To Updating Your Safety Measures

Thanks to the vast improvement in technology, our home safety measures seem to update almost every day. This certainly makes us feel safer in an increasingly dangerous world. If the house you rented out was in the possession of your tenants for a few years, chances are that they may not have updated the security system much over the last few years. Rather than putting your family at risk, consider updating your security system, as well as the smoke alarms before you move into the house.


Bring In A Fresh Color To The Property

Too often than you would think, people tend to stick to one color theme when it comes to decorating their homes. If you tenant has had a color theme for your home, chances are that you too may be tempted to continue that theme. however, you must remember that you may not be happy surrounded by colors someone else chose; so color wash your home according to your choice. Apart from that, it is also important that you add a pop of color to your home, to naturally make it a more interesting place to be in. so apart from the new wall paint, you can also consider new flower pots¾both indoor and outdoors, as well as things like new wall art and wall décor.


Update The Bathroom And Dressing Room To Suit Your Current Needs

Just like the security system, it may be a few years since your bathroom and dressing room had been constructed. This means not only would both those areas be outdated; they may also not even suit your current needs. This is especially true if within the period of your lease (to your tenant) you have either started living with someone (serious relationships, marriage) or if you’ve even started a family of your own. If you cannot spend a great deal on the upgrading of the bathroom, simply install new fittings, and bring in a new shower curtain for the moment.

Time To Personalize And Make It Your Own

It’s no longer a house meant to please a random tenant, so you can freely decorate and personalize your home as you wish. Add in little touches like family photo frames to make your home more yours. You can also take this as an opportunity to display your talents or hobbies¾crochet sofa throws, handmade vases, books that you’ve collected throughout the years etc.