Get To Know the Steps of Stage Inspection

Just as it is necessary to do a complete check before buying a new home, it is also important that you check on the quality of a new house during the process of building it. This done to ensure the right building techniques, good workmanship and quality during the time the house is being built. This will include sharp examination of the house and its many parts and aspects. It is important as homeowners to know the steps or the parts of these inspections.


One of the first aspects of the house that will be examined is the slab. This will take place right after it is set to dry after being poured. A professional inspector trained in examining buildings will make sure the dimensions and the size of the slab are precise using a copy of the plans of the house. They will also examine the standard of workmanship, checking if it is of good quality and will make sure the plumbing is placed in a proper manner. These professional will be able to tell you if there are any cracks that will affect the rest of the construction too.

Framing of the Walls and Roof

After the slab is dried, the next part of new home stage inspections is to examine the framing of the wall and the roof. This is the time where an up-to-date plan of your house will be used to check whether the frame of the roof matched the specifications in those plans. It is also during this point that they will check the windows and the doors, making sure they are of the correct dimensions and is placed in the right places. Any misplacement will be informed to you before continuing the rest of the construction of the house.

Lock-Up Stage

Once the roof is complete and the brickwork is done, the next step is the lock-up stage or the pre-lining. This is when the installation of certain services is examined. Before this point, the examination is done to make sure the workmanship meets the standards, the construction work is of good quality, brickwork is done properly and the frame is ready for insulation. After checking these, they will look into several services such as plumbing, gas and electrical systems. This examination is done to make sure they are located at the right places and are installed according to right standard.

Before Building Handover

This will be the final step. This will be done after the builders inform you that the construction of the house is completed but before the house keys are given to the new owners. The person who will examine the house will look into the completed house, doing a thorough inspection of all the areas, including the workmanship, checking the parts such as the ceilings, bathrooms, plastering and the cleaning. They will make sure that the work of the house is fully finished and is done in the right standards in an acceptable manner. This will also include checking to see the layout and the front elevation of the house matches the plans.

After all these steps are complete, the house is ready to be hand over to its new owners. When the house is completed with the examination done at the right point at the right time, you do not have to worry about its quality or standards.

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