How Cities Are Finding To Make Use of Limited Space

Cities in the present day and age have become increasingly crowded and cluttered, which have made things quite hard to do. In other words, living life has become all the more difficult to the many due this very problem. However, as this has become a major problems, city planners, architects and engineers have addressed this problem with revised plans and strategies so as to make life all the more convenient for the masses. Here are just some of the things these people consider when making a city liveable:

Minimalist Design

The field of architecture has developed to a great extent, so much so that plans of structures no longer look like anything else. Especially shown in the form of the modern day skyscrapers, such as that of the Burj Khalifa, the London Gherkin, and the World Trade Centre to name but a few of the recognisable skyscrapers. These buildings were made in such a way that the design of the building would look aesthetically pleasing but also functional by using the maximum amount of space in the area, without encroaching other spaces. Even modern homes have taken a major change in design.


With minimalist design comes the utilitarian part of modern day structures. Skyscrapers of today often are built with the idea of maximising spaces for corporate activity, without compromising access or inclusivity of the buildings. Ramps and car lifts are just some of the things that are considered in the designing phase of the buildings, thus making the population much more productive and making the economy of the country, which in turn increase the standard of living too. In other words, utilitarianism is one aspect that is considered when building colossal structures in a town or city.


Information and communication technology has made many activities easy for us to perform. Good examples for this are the invention of machines that are capable of doing multiple activities, as opposed to just doing one activity. As a result of such machines, there is no need to occupying your house with machines for various activities, but only the need to occupy your home with a few machinery. In the modern day and age there is no need to even have a specific space for your desktop, due to the laptops and smartphones that can be obtained easily from any electronic store.

Change in Attitudes

One of the primary reasons the way cities are making use of the limited spaces they have is the change in the attitudes of the people that dwell in these urban lands. People now consider using just the required amount of space for particular activities or building, since people are now more considerate to each other and know the problems of a crowded city.

In conclusion then, urban cities may be quite crowded and quite difficult to live in, however, with the change in attitudes of the people and the change in planning, cities are changing for the better making it possible for anyone and everyone to live in.