How to Make Your Outdoor Area Ready for Summer Fun

The warm months will be here throughout early in the year. If you haven’t already, you can still spruce up your backyard and garden for summer fun. It’s the season of the sun, so everyone would be mostly spending time outdoors. You can receive guests outdoors for tea and memorable barbeque evenings. But first, you will have to get the outdoor areas ready. Here are some ideas:


Install a Pool for the Whole Family

What summer without getting wet? Make the whole season infinitely more fun by setting up an inflatable pool outdoors. There are elevated pools large enough for the whole family to dip and cool off in the heat. You can buy cool bath bombs to colour the water. You can add a slide for the portable swimming pool to make things even cooler, literally.

Set Up a Gazebo or a Pavilion

The summer heat in Australia can sometimes be unbearable. So, think about getting an outdoor gazebo or a pavilion that can be easily set up in your yard. There are pop-up versions these days that barely resemble the ancient Greek version, but is useful nonetheless. The gazebo can provide much needed shade and privacy, especially if you are throwing a big party. You can still be outside during midday without worrying about bad sunburns when you have a gazebo in the yard.

Create an Outdoor Dining Area

It’s the summer, so get fancy and try eating suppers or having tea outside. It’s easy and rather affordable to set up an outdoor dining area. You can buy furniture if you want, but it’s best to find an open space, preferable well shaded, and move some indoor furniture outside. You can eat meals and enjoy snacks coolly in the shade enjoying the lush surroundings. When guests come over, outdoor dining areas are great places to chat.

DIY Charming Light Fixtures

You will be spending time outdoors in the evening and nights as well, so it’s important to keep the outdoor areas well lit during the summer. There are plenty of options here. If you can afford it, you can buy hip new light fixtures. You can also reuse fairy lights from Christmas. A really great idea is to use mason jar lanterns. You can make some at home easily enough with empty mason jars, sand or filler, floating candles, and some wire for hanging the jars. Mason jar lanterns look gorgeous at night and are perfect for romantic summer evenings.

Buy a Small Fire Pit

Throw a bonfire gathering in your own backyard by buying a small fire pit for the home.  Set up some chairs around it and you can have friends over at night for s’mores and chats. Small fire pits don’t really cost money. You can rent one if you don’t want to buy.

Get an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Impress your friends and family with classic Italian wood oven pizza in your own yard. Just buy an outdoor pizza oven, which is more affordable than you think. It will go perfectly well by the barbeque grill.

So, don’t wait to use the above ideas to take advantage of the remaining weeks of summer and really enjoy your time at home.

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