Why Try Living in A Granny Flat?

A granny flat is a living area that is usually built on your personal or investment property. They are mostly considered as an accessory dwelling unit or an ADU. Granny flats are becoming popular housing options for various reasons. Take a look at the benefits of a granny flat mentioned below to find out why they are becoming so popular.

Keeping Your Family Close

As our families grow, one of the main worries we face is having to move out or separate from the rest of the family members. Granny flats are the ideal additions to provide accommodation for extended family, especially when it comes to elderly family members.

There is a high demand for accommodation for the elderly family members, and what is better than letting them stay in their own place but also closer to you. These are also considered great accommodation options for young adults. Either way, you can have you loved one’s close by instead of having them moving to different places with time.


No matter how close we are to our family, we all love our independence. Another great thing about these houses is that they are great for those who love and value their independence. Accommodating someone in your own house will not feel the same as using a granny flat for accommodation.

With later option, those who are living in it will have their own sense of independent and their own space to enjoy. Especially for teenagers and young adults who can be very specific about their personal space, this can be an ideal homing option. They will have their own space to manage but will still be close to you.

Increased Property Value

No one can deny the fact that these stylish additions are a great way to increase the look and aesthetic of your property. These are not just accommodation space for your extended family. They are also an asset that can add extra value to your property.

Since their popularity is only increasing, a granny flat can be a great addition that can increase the resale value of your home. So if you are planning to revamp your house and the land, get the help of a granny flat builders and invest in this new addition to your property. This will certainly influence the decision of your potential buyers.

An Added Source of Income

Looking for an extra source of income? Then here is your solution, these flats are not only to be used as additional accommodation for family members. You can also rent them and use them as an inbuilt source of income. This is also more advantageous than having any other type of rental properties.

Since this is located just on your property, it will be much easier to maintain and manage. While you will have to spend extra time on visiting your usually rental property in order to upkeep it, with granny flats, you can manage your rental property from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are just building it for resale purposes, as a rental space or for your own family members, if you are still wondering if you should or not to build a granny house on your pretty, then take these benefits into consideration.